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Arcanacon? What Arcanacon?

Okay, so it's nearly a week after Arc finished and I still haven't made a post. Truth is I've been freakin' busy.

In sum, I played six great games, won four, lost two, and came 29th out of 131 players. I won Best Necron Army for the second year running, which was awesome. Our team (The Penguineers) came 8th out of 11, although that wasn't so bad for only having two people playing. : )

More to come (including pictures) later.

In other news, my friend Tessa is having an angry penguin war.

Here's my contribution:

Well, that and, of course, a couple of shots of our team mascot from Arcanacon, whom I have christened WarPenguin in honour of Tessa...:

Tags: arc 2008, arcanacon, geek culture, warhammer 40k

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